SONG: Under the Gun

ARTISTS music: Billie Hughes
lyrics: Roxanne Seeman; Andrew Eldritch
VERSIONS - live 1993 [3:33]
- live snippet snippet
- studio Metropolix Mix [6:16]
  Notes: is this really main one (for ASCOO, single)?
+- studio Jutland Mix [6:20]
+- studio ASCOO version [5:41]
+- studio video aka DJ edit [4:02]
LIVE PERFORMANCES Performed: 1993/12/02 - 1998/01/16 (21 times)
Included as snippet: 1993/09/04 (1 times)

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RELEASES Official:
  • 1990 Vision Thing album [ASCOO version]
  • 1993 Under the Gun single [Metropolix Mix; Jutland Mix; video aka DJ edit]
  • 1993 A Slight Case of Overbombing album [ASCOO version]
  • 1993 Shot Rev. 2 video [video aka DJ edit]

    video aka DJ edit
  • Temple of Rarities
    Year Tour Version Times played Total concerts Frequency Performances
    1993 Overbombing 1993 11(/0) 11(/0) 100%(/0%) ----->
    1996 Roadkill 1993 2(/0) 4(/2) 50%(/0%) ----->
    1997 Distance Over Time 1993 7 11 64% ----->
    1998 Event Horizon 1993 1 18 6% ----->
    NOTES From Teri Nunn interview (2002)

    Terri Nunn: I'm a huge Sisters fan! I did a song with Andrew [Eldritch] for a Best of Sisters record back in '94. I called him because I wanted him to work on my record originally. I went out to Germany. He lives in a cave (laughs) out in Hamburg. And he and I wrote some stuff and nothing really worked. But there was a song that I brought over that he really liked. He asked if I was going to use it for my record and, since I couldn't get anybody excited about it, it was really strange and dark, and he said, well, I want to do it. Why don't we sing it? It was called "Under The Gun" and we sang it together for the Best Of Sisters album.

    Interviewer: Those guys have been pretty low profile too, now for a while.

    TN: I know. Have they done anything lately? I lost touch with them the last couple of years. Have they put anything out?

    Int: I haven't heard of anything. Maybe they should get a group of miners together and search all the caves.

    TN: Oh, that's bad! (Laughs.)

    Adam Pearson on guitar.