RELEASE: Damage Done

SONGLIST United Kingdom - 7'' - LIMITED TO 1000 (Merciful Release [MR7] / Red Rhino Records)
1.   Damage Done [single]     (3:04)      
2.   Watch [single]     (3:12)      
3.   Home of the Hitmen [single]     (0:34)      
ARTISTS Gary Marx: unknown
Andrew Eldritch: unknown
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  • Damage Done: United Kingdom - 7'' - LIMITED TO 1000 (Merciful Release [MR7] / Red Rhino Records)
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  • United Kingdom 1980/11
  • NOTES The single was a joke by Andrew Eldritch and Gary Marx (or, to be more precise, Gary Marx and Andrew Eldritch) to hear themselves on the radio. Or so they want you to believe. They also swear it was actually played on radio. Twice.

    The Merciful Release label was created to published the single, with a thousand copies pressed. It seems that half (500) of the genuine records were mispressed (labels printed on the wrong side).
    Many original copies have the labels on the wrong sides. Rumored original copies on gold vinyl.

    Click here for the official version of reality, by Andrew Eldritch.

    The single is now heavily sought after for its rarity. There are also numerous bootlegs circulated. Some of the copies are easy to recognise as they are deliberate copies, but some are harder to differentiate from the real thing.

    The most careful bootleg, "made in Japan," differs from the original in two places: The sleeve is cut off at the top, eliminating the cross on the church, and the writing on the record -- "for Spiggy"-- does not appear. Also, the cut at the back of the sleeve is around 9 cm wide.