CONCERT: 2002/08/10 - M'era Luna festival, Drispenstedt/Flughafen, Hildesheim, Germany

1.   Flood II [1990]          
2.   Crash and Burn [2000]          
3.   Ribbons [1990]          
4.   Train/Detonation Boulevard [1993]          
5.   We are the Same, Suzanna [1998]          
6.   On the Wire/Teachers/On the Wire [1993]          
7.   War on Drugs [1997]          
8.   Flood I [1999]          
9.   Will I Dream? [1998]          
10.   Dominion/Mother Russia [1997]          
11.   Summer [1997]          
12.   Anaconda [live]          
13.   Giving Ground [1993]          
14.   First and Last and Always [1996]          
15.   Romeo Down [1998]          
16.   Lucretia, My Reflection [2002]          
17.   Never Land [2002]          
18.   Temple of Love [live 1996]          
19.   Top Nite Out [2000]          
20.   Vision Thing [1996]          
DETAILS Tour: Sisters 2002 Europe
Country: Germany
City: Hildesheim, Germany
Venue: Drispenstedt/Flughafen, Hildesheim, Germany
Event: M'era Luna festival
Reviews: The Sisters of Mercy Tours webzine
Flood II
Before: Longish guitar solo.
After: Again a longish guitar solo (around 30 seconds).
Eldrtich: "?? ?announce?".
Crash and Burn
Before: Eldritch: "Meanwhile beneath the powerlines".
Before: Eldritch: (something in German?)
We are the Same, Suzanna
During: Eldritch, before end: "let the eather fall".
War on Drugs
Before: (something in German)
Flood I
Before: (watcha doing? Taking a leak?)
During: the "sitting in this bar" verse is only "strage men… strage flowers, I'll be picking up, etc."
Will I Dream?
After: or will I… will I dream? Oh
Dominion/Mother Russia
Before: (something in German). Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls…
During: [finishing earlier blurb] (perhaps) standing. For the national anthem!
"when I look your way" versge gets fucked up, apparently due to guitarist's mistake. It has "I say!" appended to save situation, with "Wait for it!" shout right after it. "Wait for it!" is repeated during nearest "someday… someday". This someday is sung by Pearson only. Eldritch quips something along lines of "I love …." during it.
After: Never never never sing a national anthem. Of which that was one. But promise it's the last one I'll ever gonna write. Until I have my own company that
During: (finishing earlier quip) "until I have my own company, ??everyone is shredded???"
Giving Ground
After: give it up
First and Last and Always
Before: You know you want to. I know you have to.
During: (finishing earlier thing) ?Bruce? thinks you might like to.
After: Absolutely goddamn right. (????)
Romeo Down
Before: Meet my associate.
During: (before singing starts) (?Don't get it slide?)... Slime, murder, social disease… Not necessarily in an order… Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, in no particular order I would like to introduce you to the bandees! To left hand (??) Chris Starling! To the right hand Mister Whammy! To my humble (??) self. And Juliet is upgoing… (note that Andrew is introducing his mates by positions relatively to himself, not to the audience;-)
Never Land
During: Beginning: ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, let's be one with the planet. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
Temple of Love
After: down… is falling down… is falling… is… falling… Ha ha ha ha, (something in German). [all this with powerchords in background]
Top Nite Out
After: "Aoh"
Vision Thing
After: (many powerchords). (something in German). Da auch. (more German, to the tune of guitars).
In Loui Armstrong voice mode: Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, we thank you!.. Thank you thank you thank you!
I've always wanted to do this. Ah, nah, wait for it, wait for it, wait for it. This is gonna *hurt* ya. (apparently, he launches mike stand to the audience, and gets lots of happy noises from it)