CONCERT: 1993/12/07 - Superbang festival, Deutschlandhalle, Berlin, Germany

SONGLIST (not confirmed)
1.   Comfortably Numb/Some Kind of Stranger [1992]          
2.   Ribbons [1990]          
3.   Train/Detonation Boulevard [1993]          
4.   Alice [live]          
5.   Giving Ground [1993]          
6.   Come Together [1993]          
7.   Anaconda [live]          
8.   On the Wire/Teachers/On the Wire [1993]          
9.   Amphetamine Logic [1985]          
10.   Flood II [1990]          
11.   Temple of Love [live 1993]          
12.   This Corrosion [1990]          
13.   First and Last and Always [1990]          
14.   Under the Gun [1993]          
15.   Something Fast [1990]          
16.   Vision Thing [1990]          
DETAILS Tour: Overbombing
Country: Germany
City: Berlin, Germany
Venue: Deutschlandhalle, Berlin, Germany
Event: Superbang festival
Reviews: (not available)
After: just… walk… in…
During: during intro: "Alice"
Giving Ground
During: during intro: "in the placccccccee… through which we wonder… reason… turned around… turned around…"
Come Together
During: "on the giving… on the giving… ground"
After: "oh" (echo)
During: during intro: "???? reason… just ??? reason"
Temple of Love
After: "down!"
This Corrosion
Before: [dreamy guitar solo] this is the point, not which. You think like this, huh? Huh? Huh? Oh yes. What do you want? What do you want? Apart from that.
During: intro: "Gotta song for me? Gotta song for me? Gotta song for me? ?????? Huh"
["hey hey hey hey hey now now now now]
I don’t think so!"

Before guitar solo:

I don’t think so!"
First and Last and Always
Before: thanks
After: thank you
Under the Gun
After: Gun! Gun! Gun!