CONCERT: 1992/06/13 - Go Bang festival, Wuhlheide Stadium, Berlin, Germany

SONGLIST (not confirmed)
1.   First and Last and Always [1990]          
2.   More [1992]          
3.   Ribbons [1990]          
4.   Alice [live]          
5.   Dominion/Mother Russia [1990]          
6.   Body Electric [live]          
7.   Amphetamine Logic [1985]          
8.   Gimme Shelter [live]          
9.   Flood II [1990]          
10.   This Corrosion [1990]          
11.   Comfortably Numb/Some Kind of Stranger [1992]          
12.   Stop Draggin' My Heart Around [1991]          
13.   Fix [1992]          
14.   Vision Thing [1990]          
15.   1969 [live]          
DETAILS Tour: (1992 summer gigs)
Country: Germany
City: Berlin, Germany
Venue: Wuhlheide Stadium, Berlin, Germany
Event: Go Bang festival
Reviews: (not available)
  • ROIO Out in the Dark (14/15)
    After: (…) that you can't gettt…
    During: (after music starts): RIBBONS!!!
    After: (guitar jam) … on iin.. Just… walk… on… in…
    During: (after music starts): Alice
    Dominion/Mother Russia
    After: Ah! Arhhhhhhh!
    Body Electric
    During: (as the song ends): Arhhhhhhhhh!
    Amphetamine Logic
    During: (after few bars): "rock it"?
    After: speed... speed... speed... speed... speed... speed…
    Comfortably Numb/Some Kind of Stranger
    Before: (something very silently)
    During: (during pre-SKOS guitar solo something uncomprehendible is shouted)
    Stop Draggin' My Heart Around
    During: first two verses of the song
    Vision Thing
    After: thank you
    After: thank you!