CONCERT: 1991/04/19 - KUKQ Birthday Bash II, Compadre Stadium, Phoenix, AZ, USA

SONGLIST (not confirmed)
1.   First and Last and Always [1990]          
2.   Lucretia, My Reflection [1990]          
3.   Body Electric [live]          
4.   Ribbons [1990]          
5.   Alice [live]          
6.   Dominion/Mother Russia [1990]          
7.   Amphetamine Logic [1985]          
8.   Detonation Boulevard [1990]          
9.   Marian [1990]          
10.   This Corrosion [1990]          
11.   Flood II [1990]          
12.   Something Fast [1990]          
13.   Vision Thing [1990]          
14.   Temple of Love [live 1990]          
15.   Jolene [live]           (not played)
16.   Valentine [live]           (not played)
DETAILS Tour: Tour Thing
Country: USA
City: Phoenix, AZ, USA
Venue: Compadre Stadium, Phoenix, AZ, USA
Event: KUKQ Birthday Bash II
Reviews: (not available)
NOTES "The show was stopped after "Logic" due to tons of fights in the front row and little people up front being crushed. Andrew saw the guards roughing up a girl they were hauling out of the pit. This is when he made his only speeches of the night...
"Gently!!! Gently!!!"
"Get a fucking grip, people. Get....a....grip".
Consequently, the set was chopped very short.
Amazing show otherwise." - David Holton (for the DB).

4/19/91-KUKQ BIRTHDAY BASH II-Night 1-Compadre Stadium
The Sisters Of Mercy 5
Drivin' 'n' Cryin' 2
Jellyfish 4
Havana 3AM 3
Danielle Dax 2

4/20/91-KUKQ BIRTHDAY BASH II-Night 2-Compadre Stadium
Stan Ridgeway 4 (he played Call Of The West!)
The Feelies *(wasn't paying attention)
Front 242 5
An Emotional Fish 3
Material Issue 2
Royal Crescent Mob 3

or was the city "Chandler"?