CONCERT: 1983/11/ - Electric Garden, Stockholm, Sweden

SONGLIST (not confirmed)
1.   Burn [live]          
2.   Valentine [live]          
3.   Anaconda [live]          
4.   Temple of Love [live 1983]          
5.   Heartland [live]          
6.   Emma [live]          
7.   Adrenochrome [live]          
8.   Floorshow [live]          
9.   Body Electric [live]          
10.   Kiss the Carpet [live]          
11.   Alice [live]          
12.   Sister Ray [live]          
DETAILS Tour: Trans Europe Excess
Country: Sweden
City: Stockholm, Sweden
Venue: Electric Garden, Stockholm, Sweden
Event: (not available)
Reviews: (not available)
NOTES Clif Duhn:

The best thing about the show is that Andrew is completely drunk off his
rocker. His voice cracks and his speech is slurred, and I think I hear
what sounds like him falling down. Some of the comments are pretty
funny. Someone in the audience asks "Where's the drummer?" to which Andy
replies, "He's in the box!" He then asks, "What's in the basket?"

The one comment which is most confusing though, is when he says"We've
got a new guitarist who can't be with us tonight, so next time, there'll
be four people." He obviously means Wayne, so this was the last gig
before Wayne's debut at the Birmingham Tin Can in April '84. This means
that the show must have occured after the October US dates, probably
November, which is what two other collectors with the tape list is as.
However, an extremely knowledgeable Italian collector with this tape
lists it as Oct 26, before the US shows. Go Figure.

I've also never been able to tell by listening whether there was one or
two guitarists at the LA and SF shows. I've heard conflicting stories
from people who were there, but no one can be expected to remember how
many people were on stage at a show 15 years ago.

As I said before, the Stockholm show does not appear on any gig lists
whether from fanbooks, or tape trader lists. Strangely, the "official"
gig list in UTR 6 does not list it either, but does list a show in the
UK in December of '83. There's a slight possibility that the Stockholm
tape is actually this December UK show, but that is unlikely. There are
Swedes who swear the gig happened, and of course there is what sounds
like Swedish chatter in the audience on the tape.

There are probably tapes of Sisters shows that are more rare, but none
are more sought after than the Stockholm tape. Maybe it's because the
gig was some sort of secret one-off thing. Who knows why this tape more
than any other is so sought after? (I personally think such items as a
complete New York 13-4-84 tape and the Stuttgart Maxim 12-11-84 video
are harder to find.) Nevertheless, probably less than a dozen people
worldwide have this tape, maybe less, as I only know of three for sure,
or four, if you count the original taper, whoever that may be. Needless
to say, almost everyone who has it lists it as a non trade-able,
not-for-sale item.
Of course, to the casual collector, it's probably no big deal.

Hope that sheds some light on the subject. Unfortunately, since it's
been 15 years since the tape was made, it's not likely that any real
info on it is going to surface any time soon.

From Anders Jacobsson:

I saw the Sisters in Gothenburg, Sweden at Mudd Club may 1985. Actually
on 15th may and not 16th as printed on bootlegs from this show. I still
got the ticket which also says 15th. I remember that it was on a
wednesday and that it was Eldritch´s birthday. He did alter some lyrics
in First And Last And Always (he did the same thing in Stockholm two
days after), he sang "seems like twenty-six of ever after, ever more"
instead of "twenty-five".
And according to bassist Craig Adams, this was their first concert in
Sweden. And no papers or concert organizers have no memory, contracts,
notes of the band playing here before. There are rumours that Sisters
played at the Electric Garden oct. 26th 1983. No one at the Electric
Garden have heard about it, it should have been documented. And the date
itself october 26th. Only three days before standing on a stage in Los
Angeles? Sounds unlikely. And I don´t think they played any gigs after
the US tour, some of the members were in a bad shape at that time. And
if, why in Sweden? It was almost impossible to find their records before
1984, there was no reason for them to play here and I doubt that the
booking people at the Electric Garden would book Sisters 1983 to this
venue, only 30-50 people would attend since they were almost unknown
here at that time.
So my guess is that this is a tape which somewhere by someone simply got
misslisted, this happens rather often in the bootleg world as you might
Of course I can be wrong, but with all facts it takes a lot to prove
that Sisters played in Stockholm 1983.

From Clif Duhn:

Simply because no one remembers a performance by a band that was at the
time admittedly not very well known does not mean it did not happen.
Especially a show which happened 15 years ago. As I mentioned before,
one of the possible reasons the tape is so sought after may be because
the gig was some soft of secret one-off thing. The fact that the Sisters
were relatively unknown at the time lends credence to that possibility.
Of course, you could very well be right, as I also mentioned the
possibility that the tape is actually some other show. The strange thing
is, I have tapes of every show during that time period (when they played
Temple of Love live). It's well established that TOL debuted live at the
Paradiso in Amsterdam, and was played at all of the following dates
until the end of the year. These are all the gigs of that time period:
The alleged Stockholm tape is definitely not the same as any of the
above tapes. I agree that it 's unlikely that the Sisters played
Stockholm on the 26th and LA on the 29th, so I tend to believe the date
is November, which coincides with Andrew's statement that the next time
they would appear (Birmingham), they would have four people.
If it really is some mislabeled tape, it would still be a very rare
item, as it's definitely a show that does not appear on the majority of
tape lists. However, one would think that a tape which has gained such
revered status among collectors would not be carelessly mislabeled in
the first place.

My point is that I guess we'll never know, but regardless, it does
appear that this particular tape will always be known as the Stockholm
'83 show.