CONCERT: 1983/08/30 - Loft, Berlin, Germany

SONGLIST (not confirmed)
1.   Burn [live]          
2.   Valentine [live]          
3.   Anaconda [live]          
4.   Heartland [live]          
5.   Alice [live]          
6.   Emma [live]           (was it REALLY played?)
7.   Temple of Love [live 1983]          
8.   Floorshow [live]          
9.   Adrenochrome [live]          
10.   Gimme Shelter [live]          
11.   Kiss the Carpet [live]          
12.   Body Electric [live]          
DETAILS Tour: Trans Europe Excess
Country: Germany
City: Berlin, Germany
Venue: Loft, Berlin, Germany
Event: (not available)
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