ARTIST: Gary Marx

DETAILS First name: Gary
Last name: Marx
Born in: United Kingdom
MEMBERSHIP The Sisters of Mercy (1980 - 1985)
SONG Amphetamine Logic (music)
First and Last and Always (music)
Floorshow (author, with Craig Adams, Andrew Eldritch)
Heartland (author, with Andrew Eldritch)
Home of the Hitmen (author)
Nine While Nine (music)
No Time to Cry (music, with Craig Adams, Wayne Hussey)
Phantom (music, with Craig Adams)
Some Kind of Stranger (music)
Watch (author)
Where Spirits Fly (music)
RELEASE 1980 Damage Done single (unknown)
1985 First and Last and Always album (guitars)
TOUR 1981-1982 (early gigs) (guitars)
1982-1983 (1982 gigs) (guitars)
1983 (1983 gigs) (guitars)
1983 Trans Europe Excess (guitars)
1984 (1984 gigs) (guitars)
1984 Black October (guitars)
1985 Tune In Turn On Burn Out (guitars)