ARTIST: Andrew Eldritch

DETAILS First name: Andrew
Last name: Eldritch
Nickname: Von
Born on: 1959/05/15
Born in: Ely, United Kingdom
MEMBERSHIP The Sisters of Mercy (1980 - )
Sisterhood (1986 - 1986)
SONG 1959 (author)
A Rock and a Hard Place (lyrics)
Adrenochrome (author)
Alice (author)
Amphetamine Logic (lyrics)
Black Planet (lyrics)
Body Electric (author)
Burn (author)
Colours (author)
Damage Done (author)
Detonation Boulevard (music, with Andreas Bruhn; lyrics)
Doctor Jeep (music, with Andreas Bruhn; lyrics)
Dominion (author)
Driven Like the Snow (author)
First and Last and Always (lyrics)
Fix (author)
Flood I (author)
Flood II (author)
Floorshow (author, with Craig Adams, Gary Marx)
Giving Ground (author)
Heartland (author, with Gary Marx)
I Was Wrong (author)
Kiss the Carpet (author)
Lights (author)
Lucretia, My Reflection (author)
Marian (lyrics)
More (music; lyrics, with Jim Steinman)
Mother Russia (author)
Never Land (author)
Nine While Nine (lyrics)
No Time to Cry (lyrics)
On the Wire (author)
Ozymandias (music)
Possession (music, with Craig Adams, Wayne Hussey; lyrics)
Ribbons (author)
Romeo Down (lyrics)
Sandstorm (music)
Some Kind of Stranger (lyrics)
Something Fast (author)
Summer (lyrics)
Temple of Love (author)
This Corrosion (author)
Torch (author)
Train (author)
Under the Gun (lyrics, with Roxanne Seeman)
Untitled (music)
Valentine (author)
Vision Thing (author)
Walk Away (lyrics)
We are the Same, Suzanna (lyrics)
When You Don't See Me (music, with Andreas Bruhn; lyrics)
Will I Dream? (lyrics)
You Could be the One (author, with Andreas Bruhn)
RELEASE 1980 Damage Done single (unknown)
1985 First and Last and Always album (vocals)
1987 Floodland album (vocals; keyboards; producer)
1990 Vision Thing album (vocals; guitars; producer)
TOUR 1981-1982 (early gigs) (vocals)
1982-1983 (1982 gigs) (vocals)
1983 (1983 gigs) (vocals)
1983 Trans Europe Excess (vocals)
1984 (1984 gigs) (vocals)
1984 Black October (vocals)
1985 Tune In Turn On Burn Out (vocals)
1985 Armageddon (vocals)
1990 (1990 tour) (vocals)
1991 Tour Thing (vocals)
1991 Turn In Turn On Load Out (vocals)
1992 (1992 summer gigs) (vocals)
1993 (1993 summer gigs) (vocals)
1993 Overbombing (vocals)
1996 Roadkill (vocals)
1997 Distance Over Time (vocals)
1998 Event Horizon (vocals)
1998 Summer (vocals)
1999 To the Planet Edge (vocals)
2000 Trip the Light Fantastic (vocals)
2001 Exxile on Euphoria (vocals)
2001 Sisters * Europe (vocals)
2002 Sisters 2002 Europe (vocals)
2003 Smoke and Mirrors (vocals)